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Based in Dallas, Texas, and also serving Collin County, The Pennington Firm provides business litigation, criminal law, and family law services with an emphasis on collaboration. With a passion for trial and litigation work, our team brings unrivaled confidence to every case and every courtroom. The client and the protection of their rights, interests, and pursuits of happiness are at the core of our firm.  With this client-centric perspective always in mind, we strive to truly serve both our clients and the community.

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Paternity Attorney Preston Hollow

At The Pennington Firm, we strive to be the most personable law firm in Preston Hollow and the surrounding areas. We are a knowledgeable family law firm who is ready to help you identify your goals and create a strategy for achieving them. We are prepared to go the distance to make sure you receive the best possible outcome for you and your children.

An paternity can have far-reaching effects on your own future as well as the future of your children. There is a multitude of legal issues that will need to be navigated with precision, tenacity, and knowledge. Let The Pennington Firm guide, inform, and educate you throughout your paternity case.

The Pennington Firm brings comprehensive knowledge and years of experience to each individual case, providing support for you as you work through the difficult decisions arising in family law cases and helping you achieve the best outcome for your family law needs. At The Pennington Firm, we understand the delicacy, the sensitivity and the intensely personal and emotional nature of family law issues.

With a strong focus on family law, The Pennington Firm is extremely proficient in the local laws and will take your case as far as it needs to go to obtain a successful outcome. The firm understands that situations involving your family and the law can be stressful. That is why the firm is here to help relieve that stress. Call today to see how we can help your paternity case.

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