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Based in Dallas, Texas, and also serving Collin County, The Pennington Firm provides business litigation, criminal law, and family law services with an emphasis on collaboration. With a passion for trial and litigation work, our team brings unrivaled confidence to every case and every courtroom. The client and the protection of their rights, interests, and pursuits of happiness are at the core of our firm.  With this client-centric perspective always in mind, we strive to truly serve both our clients and the community.

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Visitation Lawyer Collins County

Rarely does a family law matter arise without the added burden of emotional or financial stress. Our dedication to our Collins County clients includes quality and astute legal counsel. We offer confidential consultations so you can provide the complete picture of your concern.

Our attorneys understand that solutions to family-related legal matters should not be one-size-fits-all. The Pennington Firm are skilled at finding innovative and creative ways to achieve the results their clients want. With compassion, honesty, and integrity, we will guide you through your visitation process.

When it comes to family law, The Pennington Firm understands that there is a lot at stake. Essentially, the outcome of your case will dictate the future for you and your family. Our attorneys are committed to making it a peaceful future that you can look forward to.

The Pennington Firm can provide legal guidance every step of the way, always keeping your interests in mind. Stand ready with the skilled and trusted counsel that you deserve. Do not hesitate to see what The Pennington Firm may be able to do for you. Get time on your side and contact the firm today.

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