Marriage is a Legal Partnership
February 8, 2018

Speaking strictly from a legal perspective, the State of Texas treats marriage like a business partnership—you share the income and liabilities during the partnership equally. For better or worse, literally. Just like in a business partnership, if your business partner opens up a company credit card without your knowledge or…Read More

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Why is Texas a Community Property State?
January 26, 2018

What does it mean to divorce in a community property state and why is Texas one of only 9 states in the country that are based on the community property system? First, there are two types of property division in the United States when it comes to Divorce: Equitable Distribution;…Read More

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You Got Served
January 18, 2018

You Got Served You were just served papers, you’re angry, confused, and not sure what to do next. Whether these are divorce papers, a civil lawsuit, or a temporary restraining order, many people have questions about what this means and what to do next. Different lawsuits have different meanings, but…Read More

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How Opening a New Bank Account Can Derail your Pre-Nuptial Agreement
January 10, 2018

Getting a pre-nuptial agreement (aka a pre-marital agreement) is a smart move for both spouses, with or without large assets or debts. It protects your spouse from your creditors and most notably, makes sure you won’t be “taken to the cleaners” in the event of a divorce (for more info…Read More

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Why Mediation Is Actually A Good Idea
January 1, 2018

“You shut your mouth when you’re talking to me!” Why mediation is “actually” a good idea. Most people view mediation as the opening scene in Wedding Crashers and other movies: where two people and their lawyers are in a room yelling at one another and getting nowhere while their lawyers…Read More

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No Kanye, Pre-Nups Are Not Just for Gold Diggers
December 14, 2017

 via GIPHY You’ve probably heard people refer to or make jokes about pre-nups but do you really know what they do? The pre-nuptial or post-nuptial agreement can define the right to buy, sell, and use property during the marriage. The agreement, which is a legal contract, can control the…Read More

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Dealing with a Difficult Co-Parent
November 30, 2017

Almost every parent says that they would do anything for their child. But somehow, this selfless mindset is lost when dealing with a difficult co-parent. Whether the relationship with the co-parent ended in a divorce, difficult break-up, or perhaps never even existed at all, several facts remain. Here are the…Read More

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Roommates or Spouses? Common Law Marriage in Texas
November 16, 2017

So you’ve lived with a boyfriend or girlfriend for a few years. That means y’all are common law married, right? Not necessarily. Under the Texas Family Code, common law marriage is referred to as an “Informal Marriage” and there are 3 requirements that must be met in order for a…Read More

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No Shirt, No Refusal, No Problem
March 24, 2017

Texas law enforcement agencies have greatly increased and touted their “No Refusal Weekends” through TV commercials and highway marquees as a means to give drivers accused of DWI no choice but to submit to a breathalyzer or blood test. This name is not only misleading, but the message communicated by…Read More

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A Driver’s License, Alcohol, and You
March 24, 2017

Most Texans know that being pulled over for Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) can lead to serious consequences related to your driver’s license. Those same Texans, however, do not realize that many myths exist about what these consequences actually are. There are multiple types of suspensions and there are a variety…Read More

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