Within family law litigation there are multiple areas available for Firms to focus on. Our Firm focuses the entirety of its family law litigation practice strictly on divorces. After years of experience handling family cases of all shapes and sizes, our Firm recognized that we excel focusing on divorce and can serve our clients best by developing our expertise in this specific arena.

With experience in both contested and uncontested divorces, The Pennington Firm understands how to navigate through settlement discussions as well as develop a compelling case for trial depending on the specific circumstances of your case. Because of our exclusive focus on divorce, our team has gained intricate knowledge of the more technical aspects of the divorce process. Our Firm’s business experience equips us with the acumen needed to analyze complex property divisions including real estate, investment interests, company ownerships, and non-liquid assets. With years of complex custody cases under our belt, our Firm has the creative mindset to help steer negotiations in mediation and settlement talks, as well as the trial experience to know what evidence is most persuasive when fighting for your custody rights at trial.

Our Firm also has a holistic approach to divorce. Most Firms sign you up, handle your divorce, then send you out the door once your last bill is paid. At The Pennington Firm we have resources we offer throughout the divorce process to help both during and after you complete this chapter in life. From introductions to resources like real estate agents, lenders, daycares, and therapists, to updates sent to you about developments in family law or reminders about certain visitation designations, you have our support long after your divorce is completed.