When it comes to matters of guardianship, The Pennington Firm stands out as an exceptional choice. With a distinguished history spanning nearly a decade, our firm has cultivated extensive expertise in navigating the intricacies of guardianship in Texas. Our dedicated team possesses a profound understanding of the legal nuances, ensuring that individuals in need of guardianship receive the utmost care and protection.

Guardianship in the state of Texas is a legal arrangement where a person, often referred to as a guardian, is appointed by a court to make decisions for someone who is unable to make those decisions for themselves. This could be due to reasons like age, disability, or other incapacities. The guardian’s role is to take care of the person’s well-being, manage their finances, and make important life choices on their behalf. The goal of guardianship is to ensure that the person’s best interests are protected and that they receive the necessary care and support. The court oversees the guardian’s actions to ensure they act responsibly and in the best interest of the individual they’re looking after.

When you come to our firm to establish guardianship, you are making a prudent choice that saves a significant amount of stress, time, and resources. This proactive approach not only ensures your best interests but also minimizes potential pitfalls that could lead to costly legal complications down the road.

The most common circumstances where guardianship is created are:

  • A person becomes incapacitated, usually due to age-related dementia or strokes, and another family member or interested person needs to be able to gain access to their loved one’s financial assets so they can pay that person’s bills and probably admit them to a residential care facility.
  • A child with an intellectual disability turns 18, at which point their parent no longer has legal control without an additional court order.
  • A minor is gifted property, usually by an inheritance. A minor does not have the legal capacity to open a bank account, and if insurance proceeds or other assets are left directly to the minor, without some sort of trust or other mechanism, then a guardian will need to be appointed to handle and receive that gift to the minor.

By entrusting The Pennington Firm with guardianship matters, you’re not only securing expert guidance but also gaining peace of mind, knowing that your loved one’s well-being is in capable hands, allowing you to focus on what truly matters.