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Car accidents are enormously disruptive events with long-lasting consequences. At The Pennington Firm, we help injured men and women seek financial compensation after an auto wreck has left them out of commission. Our clients often call us in a panic, unsure of what to do or even what deadlines apply to their case. They have questions about what insurance policy applies to their claim and cannot find answers online.

Call us. We are happy to listen to your story in a free consultation and determine your legal rights. A seasoned Dallas car accident lawyer can begin building a claim for compensation if your case has merit.

What Should You Do after an Accident?

Many people don’t realize their car accident claim begins at the accident scene. The choices you make will have a big impact on whether you can receive compensation. We recommend that you:

  • Stop your vehicle immediately, which is a duty imposed by the law.
  • Swap insurance and personal information with the other driver.
  • Call the police to report the accident, providing details about your location so an officer can come out to the scene.

You also want to begin documenting the accident. Questions about fault often arise in car accident cases, and the more evidence you have of what happened, the better. You should:

  • Take photographs of the vehicles involved in the crash, showing where they ended up and where they contacted each other.
  • Talk with any witnesses who observed the crash and ask for their name and how to contact them in the future.
  • Avoid taking responsibility for the accident or saying anything that sounds like an admission of fault.
  • Go to the hospital as soon as you are finished with the police at the scene of the wreck.

Your Rights to Compensation

Car accidents are destructive. When two vehicles collide, the forces generated can lead to serious bodily injuries, even if a person is wearing a seatbelt and their airbag deploys.

Your right to obtain compensation will depend on who is at fault for the collision. Fault can be shared. Sometimes, only one driver is 100% responsible. In other cases, both might be partially to blame. You can request compensation so long as your share of fault is not greater than 50%.

Our firm relies on evidence to establish fault. That is why it’s critical to take photographs and identify witnesses at the scene. We might also search for other evidence, like video from a nearby business. We can negotiate on your behalf with the other driver’s liability insurer. Texas requires that motorists carry minimum liability coverage, which will cover accidents.

The Pennington Firm settles most of our car accident cases. We credit our knowledge of the law and full command of all relevant facts.

Car Accident Damages

Ideally, a car accident settlement should fully compensate drivers for their economic and non-economic damages, such as:

  • Economic damages—Damage to your vehicle, the cost of medical care to treat injuries, and lost income when you cannot work.
  • Non-economic damages—Physical pain, emotional distress, loss of enjoyment of life, disfigurement.

If you were less than 50% to blame, your damages are reduced by your share of fault. So your claim might be worth $100,000, but you will receive 40% less if you were 40% to blame. You can expect a defendant to try to pin as much blame as possible on you for the accident.

Why You Should Hire a Dallas Car Accident Lawyer?

Unfortunately, obtaining compensation is rarely straightforward. Some insurers like to drag their feet, or they blame you for the accident when there’s no evidence to support that accusation. Some insurers also dig for information by asking you to give a recorded statement. You should always decline and tell them to contact your attorney.

If hired, we can:

  • Handle all communications for you with the insurance companies;
  • Estimate the value of your claim;
  • Find additional evidence to use to establish fault and minimize your own negligence;
  • Answer your questions throughout the process;
  • Demand the companies treat you with respect and handle your claim in good faith;
  • File a lawsuit, if necessary.

Litigation is rarely necessary, but sometimes we are forced to sue if an insurer refuses to make a fair settlement offer. The first step is to file your petition in court before the expiration of the statute of limitations, which is two years from the day of the accident. If you miss that deadline, you probably will not receive any compensation.

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