Litigation can be stressful, exhausting, time-consuming and expensive. Hiring a mediator is a much better option for most disputes and lawsuits. We can help resolve many issues working with both parties through a resolution that avoids or ends litigation.

Mediation is an option for people involved in a negotiation or dispute where a mutually agreed upon neutral mediator helps involved parties navigate and resolve their differences. Mediation is confidential and informal. The mediator does not decide who is right or wrong yet listens to both parties and offers suggestions for solutions that make both parties feel more comfortable. This does not take any power or decision away from the parties but merely sheds light on new and creative resolutions for settlement.

Divorce and Family Law Mediation

No one wins in divorce. Inevitably, both parties are going to end up with less than they started with. Many divorces lead to spending money, time and resources battling each other for months and sometimes years. When couples go through a divorce, it can be detrimental to their finances, children and even their health.

Whether you’ve just filed for divorce or have been working with attorneys for months to find a resolution, The Pennington Firm can intervene for both parties. Mediation allows individuals involved to express their desires, complaints, goals and fears. We offer creative solutions to find a resolution quickly helping you save time and money.

Business Mediation

The more money your business makes, the messier things can get. From lawsuits to dissolving partnerships, The Pennington Firm can help you resolve a multitude of business disputes. We will protect your reputation while simultaneously saving you time and money.

The earlier we get involved in your dispute or lawsuit, the more success we will likely have. Before emotions and egos get out of hand, we may be able to find a constructive resolution in which all parties feel satisfied.