When searching reviews for a solid Attorney and Team to assist me in my divorce I saw many positive Testimonials for The Pennington Firm and now I see why.

They are outstanding in what they do!!  I highly recommend this law firm for your needs and I am very happy to have them on my side.

Richard Luft

My experience with the Pennington Firm was exceptional. Austin and his team were awesome, helped me out big time from day one, was always willing to answer any questions I had and came through in the end big time when it mattered.

Wade Abney

Austin was always available to talk about what I wanted or needed. Even if that meant just calming me down and reassuring me. His gusto to get me what I wanted and deserved in the divorce was so reassuring. He was actually disappointed that my ex was a no-show to the trial for a restraining order. Austin also was blunt with me about what was going to happen and was a voice of reason when I began to fall victim to my ex’s sweet pleas to be back together. He was a huge proponent of my children’s well being also. I highly recommend Austin. Thanks to him I was divorced without the stress that I anticipated!


Austin never showed anything but calm, cool and confidence through the entire experience. My struggle lasted over 9 months and, for me, was filled with anxiety, unsurety, and the horrible feeling of having to battle it out with a person you formerly considered a closest confidante. It was easily the worst family experience of my life but, through it all, Austin not only said everything was going to be okay, he backed it up with the action he never showed doubt or struggle in. The best thing about having Austin as your lawyer is that he shows that the best weapon for offense and defense in a legal arena is definitely a cool head wrapped around an intelligent and experienced mind. I recommend the Pennington Firm in all sincerity.


AACA Parts & Supplies recently used the services of The Pennington Firm to negotiate with a non-paying and non-responsive customer. Their intervention on our behalf was very successful and we are about to retain their services on two more similar accounts I can highly recommend their professionalism and effectiveness in business negotiations.


My wife and I were referred to Mr. Pennington to assist us with a legal issue. Austin was very knowledgeable, took the time to inform us of all our options, and helped us make educated decisions. Austin and his team were great to work with and I would definitely recommend him to anyone seeking legal advice or needing legal representation.