The Pennington Firm brings experience in traditional and unconventional real estate transactions to the negotiating and drafting table. Whether advising on transactions, negotiating disputes or preparing your entire closing package, we deal with all aspects of both residential and commercial Real Estate.

Partner with us from the beginning. Our firm has a reputation for structuring unique real estate transactions on both the buyer and seller sides of the deal. This extensive array of experience means The Pennington Firm can tap into past client’s transactions and experiences to provide invaluable advice for clients when buying, selling or transferring property.

If you’re already in a bind, we can jump right in to handle negotiations or disputes. The Pennington Firm has spent years defending and prosecuting real estate claims in court. As a result, we bring the foresight of experienced real estate trial lawyers to the negotiating table. This puts our clients in the strongest position possible to stay protected in case the other side creates problems in a contract. From pre-lawsuit negotiations through trial, we have abundant experience representing individuals and businesses in this arena.

It is rare to find a firm that can handle both the deal and the fight in real estate, but The Pennington Firm brings the right mix of skills and expertise to every transaction and lawsuit.

Entity and Series Formation

As a real estate investor, it is critical to form a new company or companies to protect yourself. Understanding the law and how this liability protection works is our expertise. The Pennington Firm has extensive experience in forming companies and series companies. We will ensure the proper set-up to reinforce protection against your personal assets. Without proper formation, the company documents aren’t worth the paper they’re written on.

We have significant experience in the real estate field advising our clients on structuring holding and operating companies to facilitate their liability protection goals. Contact our Firm today to discuss your real estate purchase goals and the quickest way to success.

Real Estate Lawsuits

From disputes and negotiations to lawsuits that go all the way through trial, The Pennington Firm has the experience and the skills real estate clients need. Our trial and litigation experience allows for exceptional counsel for clients when disputes arise. We leverage our understanding of the intricacies of real estate litigation to save clients’ money on legal fees and help them reach the best solution.

When real estate fights move past negotiations into litigation, our Firm’s resume of complex real estate disputes gives us the depth needed to creatively tackle any real estate case and determine the most effective way to prosecute or defend the claim. There are many complex legal issues surrounding a real estate lawsuit, from steering the discovery and deposition process, to setting up or defending the motion for summary judgment, The Pennington Firm has seen it and is prepared to handle it.

Sometimes cases end up all the way through litigation and into a final trial. The Pennington Firm has the trial experience and passion for the courtroom needed to successfully argue these cases in front of judges and juries. Our Firm’s trial background adds an elevated element to the litigation process that ultimately gives our clients an advantage over their opponents.

Closing Documents

From standard residential closings to complex commercial financing contracts, our Firm has negotiated and procured a multitude of different transactions and can advise and draft your closing documents.

This includes:

  • Seller financed purchases
  • Wraparound Mortgages
  • Loan Assumptions & Transfers
  • Reviews of Title Commitments
  • Purchase & Sales Agreements
  • Membership or Ownership Transfers of Entities

We negotiate on your behalf, creating a deal that feels right to you. Then we draft the documents necessary to complete your purchase or lease. Sign, sealed, and delivered by an award-winning legal team.

Real Estate Investments and Investor Fraud Lawsuits

Real Estate investments are always risky. Properly negotiating terms and structuring agreements on the front end is critically important to protect your investment and return. Having a firm that understands both the formation of an investment opportunity as well as the mechanics of a well-run investment fund is paramount for your greatest return on investment.

Sometimes investment opportunities go south due to improper activity by the managers of the investment fund. The Pennington Firm has substantial practice pursuing a wide-range of real estate investment fraud claims on behalf of investors who were taken advantage of. Unique issues can arise in these cases but we have the knowledge and skillset for investigating a potential investment fraud case.

If you need an expert to review investment agreements or advice on an investment that has gone bad, please contact our Firm to see how we can help.

Drafting Commercial and Residential Leases

Most complications found in a leasing agreement stem from problems that were not adequately considered when the lease was drafted. Because our Firm has vast experience negotiating, drafting, defending, and challenging both commercial and residential leases, we are masters at drafting secure leases.

The earlier we get involved, the more effective our Firm can be. Whether that be in the negotiating and drafting process, or the pre-litigation advisement process, hiring our Firm early will pay dividends for you and your interests for years.

Agent and Broker Representation

In the world of real estate transactions, real estate agents and brokerages get drawn into fights between buyers and sellers. Because of our extensive experience representing individuals and companies in residential and commercial real estate transactions, The Pennington Firm has also represented many agents and brokerages in real estate lawsuits. We understand the legal relationship between agents, brokers, and real estate transactions.

In many cases, agents have little or no liability but without adequate representation, you could end up in a fight where you don’t belong. We understand the intricacies of real estate disputes and the agent’s relationship to those disputes and can save you time and money.

As a result, our Firm is best suited to successfully advise and represent agents and brokers when they are brought into fights over real estate transactions.