Real Estate

The Pennington Firm brings experience in traditional and unconventional real estate transactions to the negotiating and drafting table. Whether advising on transactions, negotiating disputes or preparing your entire closing package, we deal with all aspects of both residential and commercial Real Estate.

Partner with us from the beginning. Our firm has a reputation for structuring unique real estate transactions on both the buyer and seller sides of the deal. This extensive array of experience means The Pennington Firm can tap into past client’s transactions and experiences to provide invaluable advice for clients when buying, selling or transferring property.

If you’re already in a bind, we can jump right in to handle negotiations or disputes. The Pennington Firm has spent years defending and prosecuting real estate claims in court. As a result, we bring the foresight of experienced real estate trial lawyers to the negotiating table. This puts our clients in the strongest position possible to stay protected in case the other side creates problems in a contract. From pre-lawsuit negotiations through trial, we have abundant experience representing individuals and businesses in this arena.

It is rare to find a firm that can handle both the deal and the fight in real estate, but The Pennington Firm brings the right mix of skills and expertise to every transaction and lawsuit.

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