Construction Defect

Construction defects are deficiencies in the product, design, construction, or installation of buildings or structures. Damages might appear immediately, shortly after move-in or sale, or over time.

You may feel hopeless if you’ve purchased a home and find a substantial defect. Depending on the damage, you still have rights. Often complex, there are specific processes to properly file these claims. Our Firm understands the legal framework and will navigate the best path forward for resolution.

To have an excellent case, you need expert witness testimonies. We have connections and relationships with these professionals, engineers, architects, and contractors to provide professional reports for your claim. It’s crucial to hire our firm early in the process to build an exceptional case.

Problems can occur in:

  • Homes
  • Office Buildings
  • Apartment Complexes
  • Industrial Buildings
  • Retail Centers

Specific Examples of Problems:

  • Window leaks/faulty windows
  • Roof leaks or other issues with roofing
  • Problems with wood floors or other flooring
  • Foundation defects, including cracks in the foundation
  • Defective wiring and other electrical hazards
  • Lack of adequate fire protection
  • Improper drainage system
  • Mold problems
  • Framing problems
  • Paint and sheetrock issues

Responsible Parties Might Include:

  • Builder
  • Architect
  • Warranty Company
  • Real Estate Investor
  • Contractor or Subcontractor
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