Real Estate

The Pennington Firm brings experience in traditional and unconventional real estate transactions to the negotiating and drafting table. Whether advising on transactions, negotiating disputes or preparing your entire closing package, we deal with all aspects…Read More

Construction Defect

Construction defects are deficiencies in the product, design, construction, or installation of buildings or structures. Damages might appear immediately, shortly after move-in or sale, or over time. You may feel hopeless if you’ve purchased a…Read More

Personal Injury Law

Injuries happen every day that can impact your health, job and quality of life.  Whether your injury was accidental or intentional, you have legal rights that protect you from others’ negligence.  We start with a…Read More


Litigation can be stressful, exhausting, time-consuming and expensive. Hiring a mediator is a much better option for most disputes and lawsuits. We can help resolve many issues working with both parties through a resolution that…Read More