The ACLU Takes a Stand Against ‘Being Jailed Because You Are Poor’ In Dallas County
February 27, 2018

On January 21st the American Civil Liberties Union along with other civil rights activists filed a federal class-action lawsuit against Dallas County for violations of citizens’ equal rights protection in the County’s money-bail practices. This widespread problem and its far-reaching consequences have long been overlooked by legislators and the public….Read More

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Co-Parenting When Kids Start School
February 20, 2018

Co-parenting can be tough when dealing with a difficult spouse. See our blog on Dealing with a Difficult Co-Parent. These problems, however, tend to escalate when the children start school, and now you are not only dealing with you and your spouse’s schedules but the school calendar and extracurricular activities…Read More

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Marriage is a Legal Partnership
February 8, 2018

Speaking strictly from a legal perspective, the State of Texas treats marriage like a business partnership—you share the income and liabilities during the partnership equally. For better or worse, literally. Just like in a business partnership, if your business partner opens up a company credit card without your knowledge or…Read More

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