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At The Pennington Firm, our Addison auto accident lawyers provide aggressive, transparent, and effective advocacy to clients. Our firm holds insurance companies accountable for paying full and fair financial compensation to victims and their families. Were you or your loved one hurt in a major crash? We are here as a legal resource. For a free case review with a top-tier Addison auto accident attorney, please do not hesitate to contact us today. 

An Overview of Car Crash Cases We Handle in Addison, Texas

Involved in a car accident in Addison? No matter what type of crash you were involved in, our law firm can help. Our Addison auto accident lawyer has experience with: 

  • Fender Bender Crashes: Even seemingly minor crashes can lead to major damage. We take on fender bender collisions in Addison. 
  • Rear-End Accidents: Hurt in a rear-end crash? Contact our Addison auto accident attorney today for a free case review. 
  • Intersection Collisions: Many collisions happen at intersections. If you were hurt in an accident at an intersection, we are here to help. 
  • Sideswipe Crashes: A sideswipe collision happens when two vehicles hit door-to-door. They may occur at intersections or due to careless/unsafe mergers. 
  • Hit & Runs: A hit-and-run accident is a crash that occurs when one motorist unlawfully flees the scene of a collision without exchanging information. 
  • Rollovers: Involved in a rollover collision in Addison? Contact our law firm today for a free review of your case. 
  • Head-On Collisions: Involved in a head-on crash? Whether it happened at an intersection or due to a wrong way driver, our legal team is more than ready to help. 

What are the Most Common Reasons Why Collisions Happen in Addison?

Every motor vehicle collision in Addison should be thoroughly investigated. Some of the most common reasons why accidents happen include: 

  • Speeding accidents’ 
  • Failure to yield the right-of-way; 
  • Distracted driving; 
  • Reckless driving; 
  • Intoxicated driving (DUI); 
  • Roadway hazards; and
  • Manufacturer liability.  

Your Guide to Automobile Accident Liability in Texas

Who is responsible for a car accident in Addison or elsewhere in Dallas County? The answer depends entirely on the specific circumstances of the case—and more specifically what went wrong and why the crash happened. Every collision should be thoroughly investigated by an experienced attorney. Texas is an at-fault motor vehicle accident jurisdiction. The negligent party bears liability for the crash. Under the Texas modified comparative fault standard, you can still recover compensation even if you bear partial blame for your own accident. Though, there is a 51 percent bar on recovery—meaning you could be denied any compensation if you are deemed at fault for the majority of the crash. 

Recovering Compensation After a Crash in Addison, TX

Through a car accident injury claim in North Texas, injured victims have the right to seek compensation for both their out-of-pocket economic losses and the intangible damages. However, as these claims are defended by large insurance companies, the actual process of getting financial compensation can be immensely challenging. At The Pennington Firm, we are here to help. Our Addison car crash attorneys are prepared to fight for financial compensation for: 

  • Your property damage (vehicle repairs); 
  • Your medical bills, including rehabilitative care; 
  • Your lost wages and loss of future income; 
  • Your pain and suffering; and
  • Your other non-economic damages. 

You Can Trust the Addison Car Accident Lawyers at The Pennington Firm

A motor vehicle crash can change your entire life in a single instant. By knowing what to do, you can put yourself in the best possible position to secure justice, closure, and full financial compensation. Our founder Austin F. Pennington is an aggressive, transparent, and experienced advocate for injured victims. Along with other things, our Addison auto accident attorneys are prepared to: 

  • Listen to your story and answer questions about the car accident claims process;
  • Conduct a comprehensive and detail-focused investigation of the crash; 
  • Take care of the legal paperwork and represent you in settlement negotiations; and
  • Develop a personalized strategy designed to maximize your financial recovery. 

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At The Pennington Firm, our Addison auto accident lawyers are skilled, aggressive, experienced, and justice-first advocates for the people who need help the most. Hurt in a crash? We are ready to take action to protect your rights. Reach out to us by phone or contact us online to set up your free initial appointment. We handle car accident cases in Addison, Dallas County, and throughout North Texas.