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What to Do Following a Car Accident: A Car Attorney’s Advice

Following a car accident, your first priority is always your immediate health and safety, and that of other road users. Once this has been taken care of, contact the police and file an accident report. Exchange contact information with the other parties to the accident, and any witnesses. Document the scene with photos and videos. Then contact The Pennington Firm. Don’t speak to an insurer before you’ve spoken to us.

Car Accident Attorney Services in Benbrook

Car accidents are a leading cause of non-natural death in the US, and our busy streets and highways in the Dallas–Fort Worth metroplex have emerged as an unfortunate hotspot. Each year we see hundreds of vehicle accidents with deadly outcomes and many more that leave victims with serious long-term injuries. 

Dallas-Fort Worth has seen tremendous growth in recent decades, transforming into one of the nation’s most populous and economically vibrant centers. As urbanization has accelerated, so too has the influx of vehicles, with many residents relying on personal transportation for both work and leisure. From the busy streets of Dallas to the lakeside roads of Benbrook, traffic congestion has greatly risen; as have the accidents. Many local highways like the I-20, which spans the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex from Benbrook to Lawson, now feature among the nation’s most dangerous. 

As the landscape has evolved, so too have the number and complexities of personal injury claims. At The Pennington Firm, we specialize in helping victims of personal injury. If you or a family member has been involved in a car accident in Dallas-Fort Worth, from Benbrook to Dallas, contact one of our car accident lawyers. 

Why Choose a Benbrook Car Accident Lawyer?

Handling the consequences of a car accident can be challenging, and opting for a local attorney brings many benefits.

Local Expertise: Familiarity with streets, intersections, and traffic patterns can be instrumental in understanding an accident. At The Pennington Firm, we know Dallas-Fort Worth, from the busy intersections of downtown Dallas to the suburban streets of Benbrook. Together with our accident reconstructionists, we’re well-placed to comprehend the particulars of your accident. This translates to swift and accurate evidence-gathering and site assessments, boosting your chance of a favorable verdict. 

Quick Accessibility: As your local car accident attorney, we offer the convenience of in-person consultations and immediate site visits. We’re always just a short drive away, bringing your case to law without delay. 

Local Networks: As a local Dallas-Fort Worth attorney, we have an established network of local experts who can support your case. These include medical professionals, mechanics, crash scene reconstructionists and other expert witnesses.

Community Commitment: As a firm rooted in the Dallas-Fort Worth community, we have a genuine interest in serving our neighbors. Our commitment goes beyond securing a favorable case outcome; we aim for the overall betterment and safety of the community we call home. 

Understanding Car Accidents in Benbrook

The Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex, with its expansive urban sprawl and dense network of freeways, is a national hotspot for numerous types of car accidents. We see an elevated number of rear-end and intersection collisions, high-speed accidents, and multi-vehicle pile-ups. Beyond the complexities caused by congestion and urban road layouts, distracted driving, speeding and DWI are also heavy contributors to our local accidents. 

In Dallas-Fort Worth, driving with diligence and prudence often isn’t enough to avoid an accident. Should misfortune befall you on our roads, our team of car accident attorneys at The Pennington Firm will help you secure just compensation. 

Claiming Compensation with our Car Accident Attorneys

The aftermath of a car accident doesn’t just involve physical recovery. There’s often a financial toll: medical bills, car repair costs, lost wages, and more. The non-monetary costs of pain and suffering can also be substantial. Our commitment at The Pennington Firm is to help you recoup your full legal entitlement to each of these costs. 

Behind most accidents lies an ascertainable cause, often rooted in a form of negligence. Our car accident lawyers at The Pennington Firm specialize in the full range of negligence cases stemming from car accidents.

DWI: Cases involving drivers under the influence of alcohol or drugs require solid evidence and thorough documentation. Following such an incident, promptly contact the police, and capture comprehensive photos and witnesses to the accident. Then contact The Pennington Firm at your earliest convenience.

Distracted Driving: From toggling through playlists to receiving a phone call; any action that diverts a driver’s attention from the road may be considered negligence by the court. If you suspect negligence of the other driver played a part in your accident, our car accident lawyers at The Pennington Firm will pursue a number of avenues to prove it.

Reckless or Aggressive Driving: Acts of deliberate disregard for safety, such as speeding, ignoring traffic signs and red light running, are always taken seriously. Our attorneys are adept at identifying such behavior and presenting it in court, ensuring drivers are held to answer for their actions.

Fatigued Driving: The risks of drowsy driving are often underestimated. In court, with the right evidence and expert testimony, it’s entirely feasible to demonstrate and prove a driver’s negligence due to fatigue.